Scholarship Funds

If helping area students is where you want to focus your support, you can create an endowed scholarship fund that details eligibility criteria and purpose. Lincoln Community Foundation’s Scholarship Committee, or a committee you recommend, will select recipients each year.

For a limited time, you can make a new permanent gift of $10,000 or more to create a scholarship fund, and we will provide a 10% match. More info...

Scholarship applications are submitted through this website and are awarded each spring.

Named Scholarship Funds:

Ahlswell Scholarship
Ahlswell Lincoln Scholarship
Jane T. Anderson Scholarship
Anonymous Scholarship
Henry J. and Pauline M. Armstrong Scholarship
Thelma Nennemann Aspegren Scholarship
Harley J. Bair Rotary Scholarship
John Breslow Scholarship
Chief Standing Bear Scholarship
George and Lynna Gene Cook Scholarship
Cornhusker Bank-George and Cecile Frampton Scholarships
Ralph and Jean Cuca Scholarship
Brenda Brown DeSatnick Scholarship
Dick and Chris Draper Scholarship
Harold W. and Alice Kohtz Eberhard Scholarship
Eggerling - Midland University Scholarship
Eggerling - SCC-Milford Scholarship
Kelly Erisman Memorial Scholarship
Don E. Etmund Scholarship
CPCU - Lawrence "Larry" Frazier Scholarship
Colleen Farrell Gerleman Scholarship
Norman and Ruth Good Scholarship
Gladys D. Goodson Scholarship
Sally Gordon Scholarship
Ralph and Irene Gray Scholarship for Brunswick, Nebraska
Ralph and Irene Gray Scholarship for Page, Nebraska
Robert W. and Shirley T. Hadfield Scholarship
Jennings B. and Beulah G. Haggerty Scholarship
Tasha Hahn Obrist Scholarship for Kappa Alpha Theta
Leonard F. Hartwig Scholarship
Haymarket Gallery Emerging Artists Scholarship
Phil Heckman Scholarship
Linda Herman Scholarship
Charles and Orene Hinds Scholarship
From the Class of 1935, Edward T. Hodge Scholarship
Jefferies-Park Scholarship
Ethel M. Johnson Scholarship
Charles E. Jones Scholarship
William Ray Judah Scholarship
Florence Turner Karlin Scholarship
Annette Carnahan Kubie Chi Omega Scholarship
Jennie McDowell and Harlan Layton Scholarship
Wayne J. and Wanda M. Lillich Scholarship
Lincoln AMA Emerging Marketer Scholarship
Gabby Matthes Scholarship
80th Division Veterans Assn-Gen. Horace McBride Scholarship
Duncan E. McGregor and Lillian M. McGregor Scholarship
Medical Research Scholarship
Charles H. and Esther P. Miller Scholarship
Miriam Croft Moeller Scholarship
Nebraska Rural Schools Scholarship
Ernst Walter Nennemann Scholarship
Grace Birkby Nennemann Scholarship
Billy and Margaret (Peg) Newton Scholarship
Louise A. Nixon Scholarship
A.B. and M.R. Noel Scholarship
NRCSA-Gary Fisher Scholarship
Louis C. and Amy E. Nuernberger Scholarship
James M. and Martha J. Perry Scholarship
PINC Scholarship
Margaret and Max Pumphrey Scholarship
Evelyn Reid Scholarship
Richardson Family Scholarship
William B. and Virginia S. Rolofson Scholarship
Virgil and Darlene Roush Scholarship
Pauline and Sanford Saunders
Marian Othmer Schultz Scholarship
Kappa Kappa Gamma-Seacrest Scholarship
Dale E. Siefkes Scholarship
Norma Somerheiser Scholarship
Cary R. and Lynn A. Spencer Scholarship
David Staenberg Scholarship
Margaret C. Stednitz Scholarship
Telephone Pioneer Association and Museum Scholarship Fund
Dohn J. Theobald Scholarship Fund
United Church of Christ of Elgin Scholarship
Charles F. and Carol A. van Rossum Scholarship
George L. Watters Scholarship
Arnold H. White Scholarship
Mic and Mary Wobig Scholarship
Dayle Wood Scholarship
Thomas C. Woods, Jr. Scholarship
Lucile E. Wright Scholarship