The words Lincoln Forever convey the fondness that those who have made gifts to and through Lincoln Community Foundation (LCF) have always held for this community. Our role is to help donors accomplish their philanthropic goals, support nonprofit organizations that improve our city’s quality of life, and foster community collaboration to address challenges and opportunities. 

Since 1955, LCF has been privileged to be part of many wonderful legacies by matching community needs with the passions of our donors. We serve as a faithful steward for many types of philanthropic gifts and help donors create lasting legacies of giving. With gifts of all sizes from thousands of donors over the years, the assets of LCF have grown to more than $150 million. 

Lincoln Community Foundation is accredited by the National Standards for U.S. Community Foundations®. This program represents a community foundation’s commitment to go above and beyond federal and state law requirements to demonstrate accountability and excellence to communities, policymakers, and the public. 

Provide leadership and resources to help build a great city.   

To nurture, harness and direct the energy of the Lincoln community is the focus of the Lincoln Community Foundation.    

For those who can provide financial resources needed to accomplish great things, the Foundation seeks to be a valuable facilitator.  

To those who manage the infrastructure that serves the charitable and civic needs of the community, the Foundation wishes to be a partner.    

To those who have the vision and energy to make a difference for the future, the Foundation wishes to be a collaborator to help lead community change efforts.    

To marshal resources in a way that ensures all people thrive and have an equitable and promising future.  

Highest ethical standards in all our actions to safeguard the public trust  

Equitable opportunities for every individual to reach their full potential, no matter their place, race or identity  

Financial stewardship that honors donor intent and provides charitable value in perpetuity  

Leadership that fosters a sense of community, collaboration and philanthropy  

Nonpartisan civic engagement  

Development of financial and citizen resources to build a stronger community and higher quality of life for all residents  

Accountability, transparency and organizational stability 

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