Conference Room Guidelines

1. Food & Beverages

Food and beverages may be served in the room you have reserved; however, they must be removed immediately upon the conclusion of your event. You are responsible for your own catering arrangements. The large conference room has a kitchenette available; the small conference room does not. The kitchenette consists of: counter-top space, a sink, and six outlets. The Foundation does not provide: plates, cups, napkins, utensils, ice, a refrigerator, coffee pots, coffee, creamer, sugar, etc. for either room. Written permission must be granted by Lincoln Community Foundation for an organization to bring alcohol into the building. Red wine is not permitted.

2. Room Set-up

If you have reserved a conference room, it is your responsibility to set up the tables and chairs in the desired setting and return the room to its original state immediately after use. This includes switching out tables if you opt to use round ones. A laminated diagram is posted in the conference room for you to reference showing the original layout of the room. Available for use:

Large Conference Room:


  • Eight, 8’ long rectangular tables
  • Two, 4’ rectangular tables
  • Eight, 72” round-tables (eight chairs per table)


  • 64 cushioned chairs, black
  • 50 cushioned chairs, teal (ask for access)


  • Wooden podium (no microphone)
  • White board; must be cleaned after use (white board markers not provided)

Small Conference Room:


  • One rectangular table Chairs


  • 10 rolling chairs


  • White board; must be cleaned after use (white board markers not provided)

3. Technology

Limited technology is provided in each conference room. The Foundation does not provide AV services. Available for use:

Large Conference Room

  • Wireless Internet – secured access, search for network: LCFguest, password is lcfguest.
  • Ceiling-mounted projector
  • Drop-down projector HDMI screen (65” x 116”)

Small Conference Room

  • Wireless Internet – secured access, search for network: LCF, password is LCFDlcfd215!

If you will be using the projector in the large conference room, you must check out the projector cord (HDMI or VGA) from the Lincoln Community Foundation office. The Foundation does not provide laptops, TVs, etc. Instructions for the projector are provided. Please follow them carefully.

Organizations using the conference rooms are welcome to test their technology to ensure it is working properly prior to the meeting date. Please inform the Lincoln Community Foundation office when making your reservation if you would like to arrange a time to test technology equipment. Lincoln Community Foundation does not provide technology support for organizations using the conference rooms.

4. Signage

Meeting signs may be posted next to the elevators on the first floor to notify guests of your event and its location. Two sign holders are available; each holds an 8.5” h x 11” w sign. There is also one sign holder next to the large conference room and small conference room main doors. Each holds an 11” h x 8.5” w sign. Lincoln Community Foundation does not provide signage for your event.

5. Hours

Regular building hours are 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., Monday – Friday. You may schedule an event outside of these hours; however, you will be responsible for opening and closing the building. You must check out a keycard from LCF prior to your event to unlock the building (LCF will not unlock it). You will be responsible for standing at the front door and letting guests in. A name and number must be provided for checkout and it must be returned promptly or a $25 fee will be charged for replacement.

6. Clean-up

You are responsible for the general clean-up of the room you reserve. If the trash needs to be emptied, or other clean-up is needed, please notify Lincoln Community Foundation.

7. Damages

If there are damages that occur while using a conference room, the organization using it

will be held responsible.

8. Emergency Information

In the unfortunate event that LCF experiences an emergency while you are using the conference room, follow these instructions:

  • Fire: Exit using the staircases at either end of the building (north or south), do not use the elevator. Handicapped individuals plus one other individual from their group should remain with the individual on the landings in the stairwell until emergency personnel arrive to assist.
  • Tornado: Exit using the staircases to the basement floor. Handicapped individuals may exit taking the elevator to the basement level. Leave the stairwell entirely to enter the basement level. Do not remain in the stairwell. If unable to reach the stairwell and the basement, the restrooms on each floor are a tornado shelter.

9. Housekeeping

Restrooms are located on each floor behind the elevators. Drinking fountains are also on each floor behind the elevators.