Types of Funds

Lincoln Community Foundation (LCF) is your ideal philanthropic partner. We have the flexibility to help you achieve your unique charitable goals.

When you make a gift to LCF, it is directed to the fund you choose. This can be to one of our existing funds, like the Lincoln Forever Fund, or one of our special initiative funds.  It can also be directed to your very own fund where you recommend your charitable gifts. We will help you create a customized fund agreement to document your specific instructions.  

You may make donations to your fund right away or it might be created to manage gifts you plan to make through your will or estate plans. Either way, your fund(s) will fall into one or more of the following categories.

Donor Advised
Lincoln Forever
Field of Interest

Any fund can carry your name or be named in honor of a loved one. There is no minimum amount required to create a Donor Advised Fund.

The other types of named funds are permanent funds and require a gift of $10,000 or more. Permanent “endowed” funds are managed by LCF in perpetuity, with an annual “spendable” portion granted out according to the direction and intent you describe in your fund agreement. 

View the Value of Endowment Giving illustration to see the long-term impact an endowed fund can make. Unless you request anonymity, the recipient of each grant will know the grant came from your fund. What a wonderful legacy.