Future Gifts

There’s nothing more meaningful than remembering your community or favorite organizations while planning your financial legacy.

There are several ways to make a future gift to Lincoln Community Foundation (LCF) to benefit an organization, a cause or the community as a whole. You can include LCF in your will or trust, or you can name LCF as a beneficiary on various types of accounts.

You can establish your gift by speaking with your attorney or financial advisor, banker, insurance agent, or retirement plan custodian.  We then work with you to customize your specific instructions in a separate fund agreement that can be changed at any time.

LCF has created a special recognition, Legacy Society, for those who have made plans to leave an end-of-life gift through their estate plans or beneficiary designations.  Legacy Society members are special friends of LCF and their future gifts, memorialized in their name or the name of a family member, recognize their thoughtfulness and leadership for the community for generations to come.

Endowed or permanent giving is a powerful technique when gifts are held and invested by LCF.  Each year a portion of the permanent fund (called the “spendable portion”) is granted to designated charities or funds as directed by you. Over time, the annual “spendable portion” grows and the initial gift provides sustainable giving and continued recognition to you, forever. Please refer to the Value of Endowment Giving to see the long-term impact an endowed fund can make.

Permanent funds can be created for a specific charitable organization, a group of charitable organizations, an area of interest, or for general community needs, all according to your wishes.