Agency Funds

A public charity or house of worship focuses significant time and energy on strengthening its services and fulfilling its mission. Establishing an Agency Fund at Lincoln Community Foundation (LCF) provides access to our professional investment program, allowing a nonprofit organization to transfer responsibility for investment and management of its assets and ensuring more time for programming and mission.

An Agency Fund may be established with a minimum of $10,000, either as a permanent endowed fund or as an expendable fund. An endowed fund is pooled and invested with other LCF funds in a sophisticated program directed by our Finance Committee and Board of Directors. The spending rate is designed to preserve and grow the original value of the fund.

For a limited time, a nonprofit can establish a permanent endowment of $10,000 or more, and we will provide a 10% match. More info...

For nonprofits that want their investments to grow over time yet still be fully available when needed, an expendable Agency Fund may be the best option.

As part of our mission to enhance and support Lincoln’s nonprofit community, we have lowered our fees on all agency funds, starting at 1.25% on funds up to $750,000 and decreasing from there.

For more information or assistance, please contact us.