Charity Award

This award was established by Lincoln Community Foundation as a gift to the community.  The Charity Award will provide an opportunity to recognize individuals for their leadership and philanthropy to our great city. 

Charity Award Honorees Include: 
Ed and Mary Copple (2012)
Jim and H.K. Stuart (2013)
Jim and Rhonda Seacrest (2014)
Alice Dittman (2015)
Jim and Mary Abel (2016)
Donna Woods (2017)
Karen and Robert Duncan (2018)
Tom and Nancy Osborne (2019)
Duane* and Phyllis Acklie (2020)
The Community of Lincoln (2021)

2022 Charity Award Honorees
Tom and Lisa Smith

In the offices of DA Davidson, overlooking an ever-developing Canopy Street in the Haymarket, Tom and Lisa Smith recently reflected on what drives their personal missions to serve their community. 

“I just love Lincoln. I love Nebraska,” said Lisa.  

“People in Lincoln are good people – as good as you can find in the country,” Tom agreed. “It’s simple, this is home.” 

Together, Lisa and Tom have established a legacy as heart-forward philanthropists who give freely of their time, talent, and treasure to the many causes and organizations they care about. This spring they will be honored with the 2022 Charity Award at the Lincoln Community Foundation’s annual Donor Recognition Event. Read more