Charity Award

This award was established by Lincoln Community Foundation as a gift to the community.  The Charity Award will provide an opportunity to recognize individuals for their leadership and philanthropy to our great city. 

Charity Award Honorees Include: 
Ed and Mary Copple (2012)
Jim and H.K. Stuart (2013)
Jim and Rhonda Seacrest (2014)
Alice Dittman (2015)
Jim and Mary Abel (2016)
Donna Woods (2017)
Karen and Robert Duncan (2018)
Tom and Nancy Osborne (2019)
Duane* and Phyllis Acklie (2020)
The Community of Lincoln (2021)
Tom and Lisa Smith (2022)

2023 Charity Award Honorees
Bill and Marilyn Cintani

On May 2, 2023, Bill* and Marilyn Cintani became the 12th recipients of the Charity Award. Bill and Marilyn are known for their generous contributions to so many corners of the community, and for their work in partnership with the Lincoln Community Foundation. 

Bill brought his vision and leadership to the Foundation’s board from 2012-2017. He served as board chair and past president. During Bill’s time on the board, he saw the impact a match can have on encouraging donations through Give to Lincoln Day. Inspired by this concept of leveraging, in 2018, Bill and Marilyn pledged matching dollars from their personal fund for new donor advised funds established at the Foundation. Marilyn’s heart guides the issues she supports, focusing her philanthropy on children and young families by extending resources to support those enduring challenging situations. 

The Cintani’s modest approach to philanthropy has been steady and caring – giving opportunities to those who might not have otherwise had them. They truly epitomize what it means to give, act and lead.