Recommend Grants

After you open a Donor Advised Fund, you can recommend grants to the charities and nonprofit organizations you select in minimum amounts of $100 or more. You can distribute funds from your account at any time by recommending your grants through My LCF Login or a hard copy form. 

Nonprofit organizations must be headquartered in the United States and qualify as public charitable organizations. Examples may include: 

  • Church gifts 
  • Donations to the arts 
  • Health and human service contributions 
  • Educational institution support 

Before processing your recommended grant, Lincoln Community Foundation (LCF) will ensure the organization’s nonprofit tax status. This due diligence is a service provided for our fundholders.

The IRS has established a few restrictions on Donor Advised Fund grants. For example, you cannot direct a grant to an individual, to satisfy a pre-existing personal pledge, or that results in an exchange of goods, services or personal benefit. Prohibited benefits include tickets to fundraising events, memberships, preferred parking or seating and the purchase of charitable items at auctions. 

If you already have a Donor Advised Fund at LCF, you can login to this site to view your account balance, make gifts to your fund, or recommend grants to nonprofit organizations.