Investment Options

If you have an expendable Donor Advised Fund with a balance of $10,000 or more, you may recommend how it is invested. Earnings, gains and losses are credited to your fund. A professional fee of 1.5% or less is charged on all invested funds. Investment options are:

  • Conservative Pool – 25% equity, 75% fixed income or cash equivalents
  • Moderate Pool – 50% equity, 50% fixed income or cash equivalents
  • Aggressive Pool - 75% equity, 25% fixed income or cash equivalents

Endowed Donor Advised Funds are invested like all other endowed funds under the oversight of our Finance Committee.

With a minimum of $100,000, you have the additional choice of recommending that your fund be externally managed by a registered investment advisor approved by Lincoln Community Foundation (LCF). We must receive a signed agreement between the registered investment advisor and LCF that confirms LCF’s ownership of your fund and outlines the terms for management of your fund.

Donor Advised Funds may also recommend mission investments, such as a loan to a local nonprofit organization. These investments are characterized by both a financial return and a targeted social or environmental benefit. All mission investments opportunities must be approved by LCF’s Mission Investment Committee.