Open Door Grants - New in 2020

In addition to Open Door Grants, the Lincoln COVID-19 Response Fund is continuing to award operating grants on a rolling basis to nonprofits that support vulnerable populations impacted by the pandemic. For more information on the Lincoln COVID-19 Response Fund and for details on how to request resources, click here.

In order to respond to the needs and opportunities within our community in a more timely and flexible way for local nonprofits, the Lincoln Community Foundation (LCF) has created Open Door Grants. Open Door Grants launched in January 2020 and are the successor to the Community and Quick Response grants previously administered by LCF.

Open Door Grants will support efforts by nonprofits in Lincoln and Lancaster County to meet existing needs or address challenges and opportunities facing our community. Grants may be applied to operations, programs or capital projects and will include (but are not limited to) areas of arts and culture, community improvement, education and youth, environment and animals, and health and human services.

Highlights of LCF’s Open Door Grant Process:

  • Applications will be accepted throughout the year and reviewed monthly. The door is always open; no more grant cycles!
  • Nonprofits may apply for one Open Door Grant per calendar year.
  • Grants will be awarded up to $10,000.
  • The application process is simplified—no need to hire a grant writer! [View the application questions]
  • Nonprofits must be a 501c3 public charity or other organizations recognized by the IRS as those that may receive tax-deductible gifts. They also must be located or provide services in Lincoln/Lancaster County.
  • A simplified evaluation will be requested one year after a grant award.

Nonprofits may apply when it makes strategic sense for their organization’s fiscal calendar. Applicants will create an account on the Blackbaud Award Management platform in order to save and submit an application. If you have an existing Blackbaud Award Management account, you can use that to submit an Open Door application.

Questions? Contact the Vice President for Community Outreach at 402-474-2345 or via email.

Open Door Grant Application

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