L.L. Coryell & Son Park Foundation

In 1867, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Coryell, along with their son, George, traveled to Nebraska in their covered wagon and made their home on the ground that is now known as Coryell Park, located in Brock, Nebraska.  The wagon box was the first Coryell home in Nebraska and the young family lived there until they built a house.  This house eventually became home to two more Coryell children, L.L., Sr. and Nettie. 

In 1934, the Coryell homestead was converted into a free park.  It was dedicated by Mr. and Mrs. L.L. Coryell, Sr., Mr. and Mrs. L.L. Coryell, Jr., and Lorraine Leland Coryell. 

The park is home to several Coryell buildings such as the Coryell Chapel, the Coryell, Treasure House (which includes the doll collection of L.L. Coryell, Sr.'s wife), the Coryell Mausoleum, the bridal home of Mr. and Mrs. L.L. Coryell, Sr., and the Coryell Auditorium.  Also on display are reproduction of the Parker Log Cabin and the Coryell homestead house. 

The L.L. Coryell and Son Park Foundation provides funds for the maintenance of Coryell Park. 

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