D'Arcy B. Blosser

When we were kids traveling from Central Missouri to Dallas, TX to visit our grandparents for holidays and summer vacations, our mom would pack a picnic basket for each trip and we would stop at a roadside park along the way to eat lunch. After we'd finish, my dad would announce, "okay, men (to his 4 daughters, which we thought was funny), now we're going to pick up all the trash we see and leave this place better than we found it." We would, indeed, pick up all the trash around the picnic area and dispose of it. I have never forgotten that lesson: we should leave things better than we found them. Whether we physically change a place through our labor, through volunteering our time or our resources, we can make the world a better place for those who come after us.

Lincoln, NE has been our home now for just over 34 years. We raised our two daughters here and have grown our drycleaning business over the last 26 years, meeting so many people in the process. We value the relationships developed through church, school, community and business. The Lincoln Community Foundation provides a way to give back to the community that has given so much to us. We are also blessed to be of the generation of "Baby Boomers" that inherited much from our parents - the "Greatest Generation" - and we want to share those blessings and lessons learned with future generations.

TLC Dry Cleaners, Lincoln, NE, 1996-present
Mom and volunteer, Springfield, MO and Olathe, KS, 1982-1996
Dorsey Love and Associates, Springfield, MO, 1975-1981

Drury University, Springfield, MO, 1975
Helias High School, Jefferson City, MO, 1971

Husband: James
Children: Elizabeth, Megan

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