Photo of Robert P.

Robert P. Stephens*

All I want is a little peace and quiet, but I don't want too much of that. 

In July 1984 Lincoln Star Newspaper:  'Oldest Graduate' The oldest graduate on record, Bob Stephens, 82, will receive his UNL bachelors diplomia after 63 years.

He started writing in his college days and continued the rest of his life.  He kept extensive journals, wrote a lot of not too serious poetry, wrote interesting letters to friends and family, and wrote a column in the local newspaper in Pequot Lakes, MN, for five years. Most of his writing was humorous and clever. 

Bob Stephens & Associates, Lincoln, NE, founder and board chairman

Year of Birth: 1902
Year of Death: 1991
Wife: Phyllis (Walt)
Children: Barbara, Phillip

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