Photo of George A.

George A. Frampton*

Cornhusker Bank, Lincoln, NE, president and owner, 1960-1975
Farmer's State Bank, Davey, NE, president and owner, 1948-1960
Iowa State Bank, Des Moines, IA, president
Lincoln Joint Stock and Land Bank, 1930's
Commercial State Bank, Havelock, NE
First National Bank, Binger, OK, president and owner
Faxon State Bank, Faxon, OK, president and owner
First National Bank, Lawton, OK
First State Bank, Bethany, NE, assistant cashier
Denton State Bank, Denton, NE

Lincoln School of Commerce, Lincoln, NE
Attended school in Oklahoma

Year of Birth: 1894
Year of Death: 1981
Wife: Cecile (Meyer)
Children: Robert, Alice

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