Photo of Frederick N.

Frederick N. Wells*

Fred had a special love of Lincoln and the community. When he retired at the age of 60, he gave his energies to the things that he loved. Lincoln loved him back and he received many accolades.
-- John F. Wells

Fred assisted in the acquisition of art for both the Nebraska Art Association and the University of Nebraska collections. He also served on a volunteer basis as the first Executive Director of the Lincoln Foundation from 1959-1970. Upon his retirement, he was named a Benefactor and continued with the title of consultant. 

Nebraska Art Association, executive secretary, 1962-1974
Nebraska Art Association, president, 1960-1962
Community Savings Stamp Company, founder
Wells and Frost Shoe Store, president, 1935-1955
Wells and Frost Shoe Store, vice president, 1920-1935
Lincoln Journal, reporter, Lincoln, NE, 1913-1916

University of Nebraska, Lincoln, NE, 1918
Lincoln High School, Lincoln, NE, 1911

Wife: Fay (Teel), Anna (Evans Ley)
Children: John, Catherine

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