Dr. Mark E. Vance*

Dr. Vance's "electric" auto was a familiar sight rolling quietly along Lincoln streets while the doctor waved to many friends. He was several times a subject of his friend Oz Black's cartoons of Lincolnites. In the early years of Dr. Vance's residence in Lincoln, he was a member of a "Booster Club" that traveled throughout Nebraska describing the many advantages of living in the capital city and urging people to move there. According to the Lincoln Evening State Journal (11/19/27), Dr. Vance was "largely instrumental in bringing about the change which made the Lincoln Dental College a part of the University of Nebraska. 

Dental practice, Lincoln, NE, 1901-1927
University of Nebraska Dental College, instructor, 1920-1926

Chicago College of Dental Surgery, Doctor of Dentistry, 1901
Kearney High School

Wife: Nellie (Schlee)
Children: Two daughters

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