Photo of C. Bertrand

C. Bertrand Schultz*

It was second nature for Bertrand to serve. He did not know how to say "No."  He enjoyed people and the opportunity to better his community.
At the time when it was not a popular stance, Bert was on a lifelong search for scientific trusts. It was his mission to show how science and religion went hand-in-hand and were not in opposition. He published over 200 scientific articles and monographs, many of them jointly with colleagues representing different interdisciplinary fields. He studied in 60 different countries and assembled a tremendous amount of data on the changing environment of the world and the migrations and extinctions of animals and plants. Bertrand was recognized internationally as an authority in the fields of paleontology, geology, water resources, ecology and early man.   

University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Lincoln, NE, regents professor of geology, emeritus; museum director, emeritus; and curactor of vertebrate paleontology, emeritus, 1975-1995
University of Nebraska, Department of Geology, state museum and professor of geology, 1973-1975
University of Nebraska, perry branch ("distinguished") professor of geology, 1970-1974
University of Nebraska, regents ("distinguished") professor of geology, 1967-1970
University of Nebraska, professor of geology, 1945-1952
University of Nebraska, assistant professor of geology, 1941-1945
University of Nebraska State Museum, director and curator of vertebrate paleontology, 1938-1973
Americam Museum of Natural History, New York City, NY, Frick Laboratory, research associate, 1932-1968
University of Nebraska State Museum, coordinator of field parties (vertebrate paleontology), 1928-1975

University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Ph.D. in Geology, 1941
Columbia University, graduate work, 1933-1934
University of Nebraska-Lincoln, M.S. in Geology, 1933
University of Nebraska-Lincoln, B.S. in Geology
Red Cloud High School, Red Cloud, NE, 1926

Wife: Marian (Othmer)
Children: Tranda, Donna

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