Photo of Barbara M.

Barbara M. Rogers*

Barbara's greatest joy has been her family. Her life as a minister's wife and then as a college president's wife has been a busy and rewarding one which she has enjoyed and appreciated.  A quote from Barbara: "When God blesses a person so richly, He calls upon us to give back to their community and others with whatever abilities we possibly can." 

Federal Reserve Bank, registered mail department, San Francisco, CA, 1943
Ackerman's Department Store, manager, Elgin, IL, 1937
Purse Revue, sales, Lincoln, NE

Seminary at Garrett Biblical Institute, Evanston, IL, 1941
Sherman Hospital School of Nursing, 1938
Elgin High School, Elgin, IL, 1937

Husband: Vance
Children: Nancy Ann, Mary Lou

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