Photo of Esther P.

Esther P. Miller*

Esther and her husband, Charles, loved many things throughout their lives--the land, the community and the opportunity to learn.  Esther was born and raised on a farm near Blanchard, Iowa. She later moved with her family to Albion High School before attending Peru State Teacher's College. Esther taught in Elmwood and Lincoln Public Schools. She later married Charles and happily became a farmer's wife. In 1960, Charles and Esther moved to Lincoln where they became involved in several community organizations. Esther passed away in 1999 and Charles in 2001. Even though they are no longer with us, their memory lives on in this scholarship benefitting students from Elmwood-Murdock High School. 

Elmwood Public Schools and Lincoln Public Schools, teacher

Peru State Teachers College, Peru, NE
Albion High School, Albion, NE

Year of Birth: 1904
Year of Death: 1999
Husband: Charles

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