LCF Open Door Grants: Empowering Individuals to Break Free from Abuse

Voices of Hope has been a vital part of our community, providing services and empowering individuals who have experienced domestic violence, sexual assault, and other forms of abuse for more than 48 years. In the last year alone, Voices of Hope served 2,500 unduplicated clients and answered 8,000 crisis line calls.    

“Ultimately, we empower individuals to make decisions for their own lives and give them a voice and hope,” said Yaqueline Cisneros, resource development coordinator at Voices of Hope.

Voices of Hope recently received an Open Door Grant from Lincoln Community Foundation to assist in operations for client and community needs, including 24-hour crisis intervention and advocacy services.

Yaqueline appreciated the flexibility in the Open Door application process and that the grants support operational needs.

“We were able to apply when we needed it,” she said. “Having operational dollars from grants and donations is crucial, this allows for more staff time to assist clients.”

Early discussions with clients at Voices of Hope typically include education on the Power and Control Wheel. The Power and Control Wheel was created by the Domestic Abuse Intervention Project to show the common tactics abusive partners use to keep survivors in a relationship.

Voices of Hope uses this Power and Control Wheel to help educate victims and to advocate for decisions on next steps, like leaving the relationship and potentially making a report to law enforcement.

“We find it important to help clients advocate for themselves and encourage them to be masters of their own lives,” expressed Yaqueline.

Additionally, Voices of Hope provides information to our community to increase citizen awareness, enhance sensitivity and prevent domestic violence, sexual assault, and other forms of abuse.

After more than four decades, Voices of Hope continues to build strong community relations with local organizations and businesses. Services are free of charge and rely on individual and business donations and grants for funding. Community members can also volunteer for the crisis line and provide drives for needed items.

Yaqueline shared how their services create hope and how that hope lights the way for a path forward.

“Often times survivors become donors and or volunteers themselves,” she said. "My hope is that anyone dealing with abuse will know that Voices of Hope is here to help them break free from abuse".