Unveiling Our New Strategic Plan

by Alec Gorynski

I am excited to share with you Lincoln Community Foundation’s (LCF) 2023-2025 Strategic Plan. Dating back to our founding in 1955, LCF has an extensive history of serving local families’ philanthropic goals. LCF’s more modern history turned our focus toward our community, leading efforts to identify and address complex challenges to assure the socio-economic prosperity of Lincoln. LCF has experienced significant growth over the years in the scope of our philanthropic relationships, the depth of our charitable assets, the span of our community leadership, the size of our team, and the range of our perceived purpose. 

With the transition to new leadership, we embraced the unique opportunity to pause and evaluate our strengths, take stock of our constituents’ perceptions, and reflect on the changing ecosystem around us to make a definitive commitment on our responsibility to our community. 

Our new strategic plan establishes a clear and unified organizational purpose, articulates a set of practical visions and strategic priorities for the next few years, and outlines the pathways that will lead to successful fulfillment of our purpose. It allows us to acknowledge that our respective roles, that of a philanthropic partner and of a trusted community leader, are dependent upon one another for our flywheel to perpetually run. 

The plan also allows LCF to focus on and enhance our core competencies, deepening our philanthropic relationships and enhancing the value we provide to the community we serve. This plan is a product of a six-month planning process that included a mix of stakeholders each playing a different and meaningful role in the creation of vision for the future. 

I want to thank the LCF board of directors, the strategic planning committee, the staff, and the various individuals and organizations who provided valuable perspective that shaped our strategic priorities. LCF is the community’s foundation, and you helped assure we remain accountable to our community. 

You will note the plan and some of our other marketing assets are sporting a new brand logo, including a new tagline. Concurrent to our strategic planning process we went through a brand refresh process, with the intention that we release our new vision and brand at the same time. Stay tuned for a future post from our Vice President of Marketing, Jenny Chapin, for more about our new look and messaging!