New Lincoln Community Foundation Benefactors

The Lincoln Community Foundation is pleased to recognize our new 2016 Lincoln Benefactors. Benefactor gifts provide long-term stability for the Foundation and significant support to our local nonprofit organizations. These special people are investing in Lincoln…Forever, helping to build a strong community for future generations.

Joe and Jeanette Adams

We were very fortunate to be raised in Lincoln. After having lived out of state for over 20 years, we appreciate more than ever all that Lincoln has to offer to its families and businesses.  We designed our estate plan with the hopes that our gifts to LCF will encourage and inspire our children and grandchildren to support this wonderful community for generations to come.

Dr. Michael and Susan Ferris

Lincoln has been a great city for us to raise our family and practice our professions. Our children are now grown, and we continue to love living and working here.  There are so many who strengthen the future of Lincoln with their generous gifts of time, talent, and treasure.

The Lincoln Community Foundation has helped us channel our gifts to local programs that support the things we care about the most.  Along the way, we believe that the more we give, the more we are blessed with to give anew. 

In reviewing our estate planning, we made a commitment to support the Lincoln Community Foundation as Lincoln Benefactors.  We enjoyed exploring what might be possible to make a difference for years to come.   We are happy to encourage others to do the same.

Tom and Lisa Smith

We have had a great opportunity to be involved in our wonderful community during our many years in Lincoln. We have met and been able to engage with people who believe that giving back to our community enhances our lives, and the lives of future generations. 

We are grateful for the work the Lincoln Community Foundation performs and believe it is the organization that can promote the best of what Lincoln can be in the future. We are hopeful that our gift, along with other gifts, can help Lincoln sustain and build on the many successes we have enjoyed while living and working in this terrific community. 

Chris Whitehead

As a life-long Lincoln resident, I am deeply grateful to reside in a community where we enjoy a high quality of life. We are so fortunate to have beautiful parks, a strong school system, a stable economy and the opportunity for people and businesses to prosper.  Lincoln has proven a solid and enriching community in which we raised our two daughters.  As a small business owner, we are engrained in many aspects of the community. And as the community supports us, it is so important that we give back to the community.  

 It is my privilege to help support the efforts of the Lincoln Community Foundation, continue the stewardship of its benefactors, and join them in identifying the ideas and resources that will help impact Lincoln’s future as we continue the mission to make Lincoln a great place to live and raise families.