Stretching $1.00 into Three Meals

Perched at the very top of the 2017 Give to Lincoln Day leaderboard is the name of a cause loved by many in our community. The Food Bank of Lincoln collaborates with more than 20 nonprofit partners who also participated in Give to Lincoln Day. All of that generous giving benefits our community.

“It would be difficult to overstate the importance of Give to Lincoln Day’s impact on the nonprofits involved or the impact on our community,” says Scott Young, Executive Director of the Food Bank of Lincoln. “Give to Lincoln Day provides agencies a chance for a ‘second’ season of giving. Many nonprofits depend on the November and December holidays to make up the bulk of their annual fundraising, so a giving opportunity in late May is extremely timely.”

The mission of the Food Bank is to alleviate hunger in Southeast Nebraska. The organization pursues funds year-round to support its agency network, Mobile Pantry and Child Hunger programs, and SNAP (Food Stamp) Outreach efforts. Thanks to a combination of bulk buying power and efficient operations, they are able to connect people to three meals for every dollar that comes in the door.

Food Bank of Lincoln was a Top 5 recipient during last year’s Give to Lincoln Day, raising $97,315. This year, a Food Bank donor’s $10,000 matching gift and promotions to their ongoing supporters gave them a very strong boost. Young says more people are aware of the 24-hour Give to Lincoln Day and hold back their gifts until then.

Dollars raised through Give to Lincoln Day help ensure the Food Bank’s productive summer, which is its highest need time of year. Families with kids cannot rely on the schools for breakfasts and lunches. The 2017 Give to Lincoln Day funds totaling $154,563.90 (which includes its proportional share of the $350,000 match funds) will provide for approximately 463,691 meals – the equivalent of 5,095 meals a day for July, August and September.

Give to Lincoln Day raised a record-setting $3,693,307 in its sixth year. Since 2012, more than $16 million has been generously given by thousands of donors to help local nonprofits provide needed services and improve our great city. Mark your calendar –  next year’s day of charitable giving will be May 31, 2018.