Tabitha: Embracing drastically new landscape with caring hearts

Toni Rupe has a new job description beyond grant coordinator for the Tabitha Foundation. These days, she makes regular rounds to have a warm chat with residents and patients who can no longer have visitors, take them for a stroll through the courtyard, and set up Zoom and Facetime with families they are dearly missing. 

“We’re all someone’s daughter, someone’s granddaughter, and we know this is really tough on people,” Rupe said.  “We want our residents and patients to know they are not alone in this.”

Tabitha’s entire landscape drastically changed overnight with intensive preparation for the unknown that lies ahead: Designating an entire wing for potential isolation of COVID patients, searching valiantly for full protective clothing and equipment, and closing the campus to all outside visitors.  “You have to prepare for the worst, and it is costly.” 

The Lincoln COVID-19 Response Fund will help cover those significant costs for preparation and also support operations. Tabitha is facing a drastic decrease of income from reduced numbers of Rehab and Home Health Care patients due to the coronavirus and plus cancelled fundraising events.

“Please assure the community we are as prepared as we can be,” Rupe said, “but their love, support and prayers are all welcome.” 

For more information on the Lincoln COVID-19 Response Fund and to make a donation, click here.