Salvation Army: Helping families retain their dignity

Last week the Salvation Army of Lincoln sent out a call. They had extra food available.  More than 100 families showed up and lined up.
“You know, it was something of a miracle,” according to Major Mark Anderson, chief administrator for the Salvation Army in Lincoln, “We actually had enough to go around.”

The Lincoln COVID-19 Response funds will mean there is much more to go around.  “These funds are a really big deal.  Our doors will remain unlocked and open … We can provide diapers, household items, gas and laundry vouchers, clothing, bus passes and rent assistance …We can help families navigate unknown waters and give them a brighter day. We can help them keep their serenity and their dignity.” 
Over the past weeks, the Salvation Army has seen a 40 percent increase in new applications. “And we are seeing individuals who would not normally come through our doors. Food and financial insecurities are a heartbreaking struggle that is affecting the Lincoln community.” 

And this is only the beginning.  “People are managing horrendous situations, knowing there is more hardship to come. This allows us to give them a hand-up, not a handout.” 

For more information on the Lincoln COVID-19 Response Fund and to make a donation, click here.