Milkworks: Supporting New Parents in Difficult Times

These are tricky times for new parents and their babies.

“Most moms going through labor and delivery these days are in and out of the hospital in 24 hours,” said Milkworks executive director Angie Miller.  That quick turnaround makes it hard for moms to get help with breastfeeding, which is one of Milkworks’ main areas of focus.

“We’re here to help families create healthier communities through breastfeeding,” said Miller.  Milkworks supports families with myriad services, from providing consultations and support groups to connecting families with breast pumps.  

Milkworks’ free online support groups have been a lifeline for new parents. “Those support groups are vital as families with newborns are even more isolated than ever,” said Miller.  

MilkWorks has moved to telehealth consultations, ensuring families and staff receive care while protecting public health. Lincoln COVID-19 Response funds help reimburse the newly-offered telehealth costs and keep it as a viable option.  

“We are really thankful for the funds,” said Miller. Those funds also support free shipping, which has helped several clients, from health-care workers who need to maintain social distancing to those for whom money is tight. “We don’t want a shipping fee to prevent low-income families from getting the help they need.”  

For more information on the Lincoln COVID-19 Response Fund and to make a donation, click here.