Merry Manor: Keeping things as normal as possible

Since the pandemic, Merry Manor School of Childhood has seen its enrollment cut in half.

Some parents are now working at home, others have lost their jobs, or school-age siblings are picking up their care.  

Older students who used to come for before-and-after school care are now at Merry Manor all day long, which puts additional pressure on the school’s resources. . “The grant funds will help support those school-aged kids who now aren’t at school,” said school administrator Tina Wright.  “We want to keep those kiddos on top of their studies.”  That includes providing computer tablets, internet access and full-time school-age teachers, who once were just working part time.

“This has just upped our game,” said Wright. “We have parents who work in the medical field who can’t miss work.

The COVID-19 Response Fund will help Merry Manor make up for lost income, as well as provide additional resources. “We’re trying to keep everything as normal as possible for all of our kids, because there is so little else that is normal right now,” Wright said.   

For more information on the Lincoln COVID-19 Response Fund and to make a donation, click here.