Good Neighbor Community Center: Delivering food and hope

This week the Good Neighbor Community Center steered their van in the direction of hope, making the first door-to-door food delivery to a homebound woman in a wheelchair whose pantry was sparse. 
“Once she saw the food on her porch she was really excited, and our staff was all smiles,” said Tom Randa, executive director of the Community Center.
That’s what the Lincoln COVID-19 Response funds mean to Good Neighbor families. “We can stock up on our dwindling food pantry, and then we can bring that food to our most vulnerable. We wanted to focus on the greatest need right now, and that means reaching out to families who cannot get to us.” 
The Good Neighbor Community Center serves low-income people as well as offering services to many immigrants from the Middle East and North Africa.  
“These are terrible times for many of our families,” Randa said. “They are confused about the future.  Most of them have already lost jobs, they are worried about rent and utility bills.  How will they feed their families?  Well, we can make sure those pantries are full.” 

For more information on the Lincoln COVID-19 Response Fund and to make a donation, click here.