Faith Lutheran Touching Hearts: Open and easing childcare worries

Faith Lutheran Touching Hearts believes in the mission of a family friendly center open to the entire community, a place that accommodates unusual schedules so typical for workers like fire fighters and nurses. 
But keeping doors open is difficult these days, as the recent pandemic has caused significant funding challenges for places like Touching Hearts.  Numbers have dwindled from 215 to 35, as parents are often keeping their children home.  
“It is so essential that we stay open for our families,” said Liz Schultz, director of the childcare program.  “But many of our parents are scared right now and are trying to make the best decisions they can under very difficult circumstances.” 
Lincoln COVID-19 Response funds will allow Touching Hearts to stay viable financially.  
“We are so thankful, this eases a great burden,” Schultz said.  “This money means families can count on us to stay open, and that includes parents who are filling those essential jobs.  It also means parents whose children are home now can rest easy. When this is over, we will welcome them back.” 

For more information on the Lincoln COVID-19 Response Fund and to make a donation, click here.