Coddington Learning Center: Calming family fears

When the first waves of the pandemic started impacting Lincoln, children at the Coddington Learning Center were scared. Learning Center teachers calmed their fears and soothed their worries. Their parents, however, continue to face fear, stress and challenge.  

Less than half the families using the childcare center are able to pay full tuition at this point, said Sue Oltman, administrator and owner. “Our parents have expressed sadness at being unable to cover child care.  They would love to be able to pay, but they face job loss and uncertainty.  At the same time, they are nervous that when they return to work – they won’t have these child care openings anymore. That’s a lot of anxiety.” 

Lincoln COVID-19 Response funds allows the Coddington Learning Center to remain open and provide child care now while also holding openings for those who cannot pay. In addition, Oltman said she can continue to pay her own staff and help them remain financially stable.
“We are able to ease a lot of worries from staff and families,” she said. “We are allowing so many families to stay afloat.” 

For more information on the Lincoln COVID-19 Response Fund and to make a donation, click here.