Clinic with a Heart: Offering a lifeline

For years, Lincoln’s under- and uninsured residents have turned to Clinic with a Heart for free health care. Delivering that care with hospitality, dignity and grace is a mission for the clinic. COVID-19, however, has changed the way they carry out that mission.

“It’s changed every single thing we do,” said Executive Director Teresa Harms. Clinic services have been reduced, based on CDC restrictions and in order to reduce patient numbers at the clinic.

“This has all been heartbreaking,” said Harms. The clinic’s patients, many of whom are homeless, have been hit hard by the pandemic. “They are more afraid than most of us, because they are the people working at the fast-food drive thru and the grocery store,” she said.  “They can’t miss work but they don’t have access to health care.  Their stress is palpable.  Everything that was helping them has changed and is now less than it was.”

Like many nonprofits, the clinic had to cancel its upcoming fundraiser, where they’d hoped to raise over $100,000. The grant from the Lincoln COVID-19 Response Fund will help the clinic keep afloat. “These funds will sustain us through the near future,” said Harms.  

For more information on the Lincoln COVID-19 Response Fund and to make a donation, click here.