Center for People in Need: Seeing tears of gratitude

As families line up to receive food and diapers in the parking lot of the Center for People in Need, “there are people who are crying, tears running down their cheeks. They are so grateful we are still here,” said Christine Funk, executive director of the Center.  

“There are so many people who are desperate right now – struggling, barely living paycheck to paycheck – so we feel fortunate we can stay open.” 

Since the deadly pandemic struck, the Center has directed most of its efforts toward providing food and easing identification procedures to address dramatically increasing numbers. “Since this new system started, we have issued more than 1,000 temporary cards. The people we are seeing are diverse, young and old, immigrants and refugees, seniors, laid-off workers, people living on the edge.” 

COVID-19 Response funds will help cover additional food, ease costs of specially bagging all food, and pay for equipment to help distribution in an open parking lot. Thanks to new support, the Center will continue to serve. “This is a very generous community, everyone is looking to find ways to help.” 

For more information on the Lincoln COVID-19 Response Fund and to make a donation, click here.