Catholic Social Services: Keeping the faith

With a mission to perform works of mercy, Catholic Social Services helps people of all faiths. That help comes in the form of food, funds, emergency shelter and immigrant support. The pandemic has added a new layer to carrying out those services.

“It’s changed everything. We’ve expanded our food and emergency services, and changed our distribution hours and methods,” said Advancement Director Michelle Birkel. “What hasn’t changed are the needs of the poor, vulnerable and homeless.”  Support has expanded to include outreach and delivery to the elderly and home-bound, as well as those who are now out of work.

“Many have lost their jobs.  They can’t afford to pay their rent anymore and we can’t keep up with all of the calls,” she said.  “It’s been really challenging.”

Funds from the COVID-19 grant help address those challenges. “We are combating homelessness before it happens and the grant will help substantially as we provide emergency services to our most vulnerable,” Birkel said. 

For more information on the Lincoln COVID-19 Response Fund and to make a donation, click here.