Barnabas: Feeding Bodies and Souls

After advertising a Barnabas Community meal on Facebook, director Dwight Thiemann got a message from a man named Jim.  “I have no way of getting there, but it sure looks good.”  His words led to a new relationship between Barnabas and Oasis Inn, whose long-term residents include families that are struggling. “They were so excited about the meals,” Thiemann said.  
Just last week, a new face found its way to Barnabas, which is located near 11th and Cornhusker.  The man had lost his job and was living under a bridge. 
“He came for the first time and was so thankful,” Thiemann said.  Before he left with the food, Barnabas volunteers had given him a warm coat and some blankets, as well.  

“Those who are already down are struggling more,” Thiemann said.  “The pandemic just exacerbates an already tough situation.”

Thiemann said the Barnabas Community will use COVID-19 Relief Funds to buy food and to-go containers, so that their guests can take the home-cooked meals with them.  And when the pandemic is over?  “We hope folks will come back, sit down with each other and join us in community.”  

For more information on the Lincoln COVID-19 Response Fund and to make a donation, click here.