Asian Center: A Vital Bridge for Refugees & Immigrants

Immigrants and refugees new to Lincoln have an incredible resource in the Asian Community and Cultural Center.  “We are a holistic agency,” said executive director Sheila Dorsey Vinton.  “Our clients, on average, get help with seven services, often in one visit.”  Those services include health support, English Language Learner classes and programs for seniors, youth, families and women. 

The pandemic has brought in-person visits to an end.  Addressing everything from health needs to hate crimes, via phone and computer, has required both innovation and energy. “The staff is really talented.  We’re just trying to be adaptable in meeting everyone’s needs,” she said. 
Dorsey Vinton recalls one client who is recovering from knee surgery and has kids to feed but no way to shop for them. “We’re trying to find ways to make partnerships with other agencies to meet those needs,” she said.  “We’re working hard to fill those gaps.” 

The COVID19 grant will help the agency continue its services, including translating Corona virus updates for their clients, as well as addressing the loss of a health-services contract. “There’s a lot of need out there and we’ll keep doing what we’re doing.  The grant will certainly help,” said Dorsey Vinton.

For more information on the Lincoln COVID-19 Response Fund and to make a donation, click here.