Community Grants

After more than 60 years of making grants, we are reviewing our process and will have exciting news to share in late 2019. We are working to make the process easier, faster and more flexible. Stay tuned!

Lincoln Community Foundation makes grants to local nonprofits on an ongoing basis. The focus of and guidelines for our Community Grants are aligned around three priority areas:  nurture youth success from cradle to career, grow economic prosperity and enhance quality of life. Give to Lincoln Day is also a premier focus of our grantmaking.

If you are an organization seeking a grant from Lincoln Community Foundation (LCF), here’s what you need to know before you apply:

  • Grant applications are only accepted from qualified 501(c)(3) organizations and others recognized by the IRS as qualified recipients of tax-deductible gifts
  • The Foundation does not consider grants for religious purposes, political activities, endowments, or programs that create an indefinite, long-term commitment by LCF
  • Grants to organizations that discriminate based on race, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, creed or ethnic group are not considered
  • Organizations must be located or doing business in Lincoln/Lancaster County, with accessibility to underserved and underrepresented populations
  • Organizations will provide evidence of sound financial management, strong leadership and an engaged governing board
  • Organizations must show impact across a broad segment of the community as well as plans for sustainability

The application process for Community Grants is as follows:

  1. Contact the Vice President for Community Outreach at 402-474-2345 (or via email) to discuss the grant request. 
  2. Submit a Letter of Inquiry if invited to do so by LCF staff. LCF uses AcademicWorks for the LOI and Community Grant applications.
  3. Submit the Grant Application Form if invited to do so by LCF staff. [View application questions]
  4. Grant recipients are required to submit an Evaluation Form one year after receiving a grant award. Complete the Evaluation Form

Letter of Inquiry Deadline

Application Deadline

 Application Reviewed

The 2020 grant process will be determined in late 2019 and communicated to nonprofits.


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