About Us

NextGen Lincoln (NextGen) is a giving circle of young adults who believe that, by coming together to give collectively, they can have a greater impact on Lincoln's nonprofit organizations. NextGen offers an opportunity to give back, learn about the unique issues in our city, and get together in a fun and charitable way.

NextGen was formed in 2014 with a Board of Advisors.  Since that time, members have granted over $85,000 to local nonprofits. Membership is open to any young adult (typically between the ages of 21 and 40) who supports the purpose of NextGen Lincoln, and is contingent upon paying annual dues ($150/person).

In 2020, NextGen granted $15,000 to three local nonprofits:  Clyde Malone Community Center, Lighthouse, Mental Health Association of Nebraska.

2021 NextGen Board of Advisors  

Charlie Bills
Graham Pansing Brooks
Carey Collingham
Mattie Fowler 
Phil Friedrich
Joe Hobelman
Justin Kalemkiarian
Katy Martin
Ryne Reeves
Max Rodenburg, Chair
April Rost
Steve Schaffer
Betsy Tonniges
Christine Wenzl

Member Spotlight