Board & Trustees

Portrait photo of Kush Abdulleoev
Kush Abdulleoev
Portrait photo of Bob Caldwell
Bob Caldwell
Portrait photo of Bill Cintani
Bill Cintani
Past Chair
Mapes Industries, Inc.
Portrait photo of Tim Clare
Tim Clare
Rembolt Ludtke, LLP
Portrait photo of Connie Duncan
Connie Duncan
Duncan Family Trust
Portrait photo of Martha Florence
Martha Florence
Nebraska Educational Telecommunications
Portrait photo of Leirion Gaylor Baird
Leirion Gaylor Baird
Lincoln City Council
Portrait photo of Anthony Goins
Anthony Goins
World's Foremost Bank
Portrait photo of Joe Hobelman
Joe Hobelman
NextGen President LCF ex-officio
Lincoln Electric System
Portrait photo of Pam Hunzeker
Pam Hunzeker
Retired Lincoln Community Foundation, Bailey Lauerman
Portrait photo of Dr. Sushil Lacy
Dr. Sushil Lacy
University of Nebraska Medical Center
Portrait photo of Dave Landis
Dave Landis
City of Lincoln Urban Development
Portrait photo of Linda Major
Linda Major
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Portrait photo of Diane Mendenhall
Diane Mendenhall
University of Nebraska Athletic Department
Portrait photo of Anthony Messineo
Anthony Messineo
Portrait photo of Dr. Marilyn Moore
Dr. Marilyn Moore
Bryan College of Health Sciences (former)
Portrait photo of Jeff Noordhoek
Jeff Noordhoek
Nelnet, Inc.
Portrait photo of Donde Plowman
Donde Plowman
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Portrait photo of Helen Raikes
Helen Raikes
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Portrait photo of Kimberly Rath
Kimberly Rath
Talent Plus, Inc.
Portrait photo of Kim M. Robak
Kim M. Robak
Mueller Robak, LLC
Portrait photo of Deb Schorr
Deb Schorr
Lancaster County Commissioner
Portrait photo of Robert Scott
Robert Scott
Portrait photo of Clay Smith
Clay Smith
Speedway Motors, Inc.
Portrait photo of Tom Smith
Tom Smith
D.A. Davidson
Portrait photo of Dr. Gene Stohs
Dr. Gene Stohs
Women’s Health Care Center
Portrait photo of Lee Stuart
Lee Stuart
Nebraska Bank of Commerce
Portrait photo of Ava Thomas
Ava Thomas
Lincoln Journal Star
Portrait photo of Jenny Tricker
Jenny Tricker
Schwarzkopf Shroff & Tricker, LLP
Portrait photo of Dan Vokoun
Dan Vokoun
Sampson Construction Company
Portrait photo of Mark Walz
Mark Walz
Farmers Mutual Insurance Co. of Nebraska
Portrait photo of Jay Wilkinson
Jay Wilkinson

LCF Trustees

  • Jack and Sally Campbell, Honorary Chairs
  • Joe and Jeanette Adams
  • Karen Amen and James Goeke
  • Mary Arth
  • Deon Bahr
  • Bruce D. Bailey and Marsha E. Stork
  • Rich Bailey
  • Joyce A Baird
  • Pamela Baker
  • Bob and Barbara Bartle
  • Dr. Charles and Anne Barton
  • Patrick and Ellen Beans
  • Nina and Richard Beck
  • John and Kris Bergmeyer
  • Robert and Jo Anne Bettenhausen
  • Al and Marilyn Borchardt
  • Loel P. Brooks and Patty Pansing Brooks
  • Lana and Robert Browne
  • David and Laura Buntain
  • Larry and Lucy Buntain Comine
  • Jim and Judy Cada
  • Doug and Mary Campbell
  • Dick and Kathy Campbell
  • Robert and Candace Campbell
  • Dr. Stephen and Beth Carveth
  • Dr. Chris and Deb Caudill
  • Peggy and Eli Chesen
  • Amy Clare
  • Richard and Ginna Claussen
  • Edward and Mary Copple
  • Gene and Linda Crump
  • Jesse and Tami Damian
  • Doug and Susan Deitchler
  • Dr. Peter and Christie Dionisopoulos
  • Alice M. Dittman
  • Kenneth and Margaret Donlan
  • Dawson and Rose Ann Dowty
  • Van C. and Georgia Duling
  • Todd Duncan
  • Richard and Katherine Endacott
  • Gary Finke
  • Matthew and Ann Finkner
  • Robert and Janice FitzSimmons
  • Larry and Bets Frederick
  • Dr. Joel Gajardo and Carolyn Stitt
  • John and Mari Lane Gewecke
  • Robert and Charlene Gondring
  • Janet Greenwald
  • Penny Greer
  • Dr. James and Margaret Griesen
  • C. John Guenzel
  • Robin Hadfield
  • Nancy and John Haessler
  • Al and Eleanor Hamersky
  • Lily G. Hans
  • Brian and Sharon Hastings
  • Tom and Elaine Hawco
  • Dr. Philip and Barbara Heckman
  • Thomas and Candy Henning
  • Mark and Kathleen Hesser
  • Gary Hill
  • Linda Hillegass and James McKee
  • Frank and Liz Hilsabeck
  • Bruce and Lynda Hocking
  • Dorothy Holyoke
  • Darryl Hunter
  • Mark Hunzeker
  • Jeanie and Earl Imler
  • Margery Irvin
  • Jean Jeffrey
  • Dr. Steve and Linda Joel
  • Jeffrey and Stephanie Johnson
  • Kile and Virginia Johnson
  • Dr. M. Colleen Jones
  • Orville Jones, III and Peg Reynolds
  • Jay and Patricia A. Kahler
  • Art and Earlene Knox
  • Richard Knudsen
  • James and Penny Krieger
  • Dr. Steve and Judy Krueger
  • William and Myrna Kubly
  • Michael and Karen Kuzma
  • Jan and Rich Labenz
  • Jane Lacy
  • Catherine Lang
  • Kathryn and Marc LeBaron
  • James Linderholm
  • David and Mary Jo Livingston
  • Larry Loomis and Mary Kinsey
  • JoAnn and Derrel Martin
  • Dr. Martin and Ruth Massengale
  • Jim and Lori McClurg
  • Ross and Lynn McCown
  • Wynn and Sheila Mehlhaff
  • Bruce and Shawn Meister
  • Matt Metcalf
  • Robert and Cynthia Milligan
  • Gates and Daisy Minnick
  • Dr. David C. Moore
  • Bill Mueller and Kim Robak
  • Scott and Teri Nelson
  • Paula Nicholls
  • James and Ginger Nissen
  • Loy and Julie Olson
  • Paul A. Olson
  • William and Romney Olson
  • Maureen Ose
  • Robert and Carolyn Otte
  • Allen and Ginny Overcash
  • Lorraine Pallesen
  • Phyllis Pauley
  • Jeff Peetz
  • Allison and Gary Petersen
  • George and Harriet Peterson
  • Cathie and Tom Petsch
  • Julie and Gale Pokorny
  • Keith and Jan Prettyman
  • Pastor Edward Price and Vann Price
  • Sue Quambusch and Leonard Sloup
  • Benjamin and Barbara Rader
  • Ann K. Rawley
  • Rosemary Rhodes
  • Janice A. Roberts
  • Linda Robinson Rutz and Philip Mullin
  • Susan Larson Rodenburg and Rich Rodenburg
  • Carl and Jane Rohman
  • Daniel Samson
  • Steve and Mitzi Sands
  • Paul C. Schorr, III and June Schorr
  • Mark and Barbara Schultz
  • Dorothy Schwartzkopf
  • Christie Schwartzkopf Schroff and Cliff Schroff
  • William and Tracy Scott
  • Mike Seacrest
  • Kent and Ann Seacrest
  • Susan and Gary Seacrest
  • Alan and Sharon Seagren
  • Frances Seward
  • Harry and Judy Seward
  • Dr. Robert and Dorothy Shapiro
  • Carl and Renee Sjulin
  • Larry and Margaret Small
  • Lisa M. Smith
  • Jerry and Barbara Solomon
  • Steve and Mickey Sorensen
  • Jose Soto and Peggy Olson-Soto
  • James and Suanne Stange
  • Tawnya Starr-Wilkinson
  • Jo Stewart
  • Kristen Stohs
  • James Strand and Mary Bills-Strand
  • Mark Tallman
  • Tom and Susan Tallman
  • Neal and Lois Thomas
  • Dale Tinstman
  • Ed and Sue Tricker
  • Carol van Rossum
  • Dr. Eileen and Richard Vautravers
  • Richard and Karen Vierk
  • Earl Visser
  • Cori Vokoun
  • Jim and Marlene Wagner
  • John and Maria Wells
  • DeeAnn and Robert Wenger
  • Dan and Sharon Wherry
  • Nancy and John Wiederspan
  • R. David and Shirley Wilcox
  • Ross and Judy Wilcox
  • Mary Wobig
  • Donna W. Woods and Dr. Jon Hinrichs
  • Henry and Cynthia Woods
  • Bruce and Judy Wright
  • Dr. Ray and Carolyn Zeisset